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How to Tell If You Need an Emergency Dentist in Hialeah FL

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A dental emergency can be anything from a toothache to severe tooth damage. It can be a frustrating experience and it is important to get an emergency dentist in Hialeah FL when your dental problems arise.

If you notice a painful swelling filled with pus, this could be an abscess. This infection is a serious dental problem that can spread to other parts of the body if left untreated.

Tooth Abscess

If you have a tooth abscess, it is very important to see a dentist as soon as possible. This can help to save the affected tooth and prevent infection from spreading to other areas of the mouth and to the rest of the body.

Tooth abscesses are caused by bacteria that enter a tooth through a crack or hole in the tooth and cause an infection. This infection can spread to the pulp chamber in the center of the tooth and to the gum tissue surrounding it.

Symptoms of a dental abscess include pain in the area and swelling around the infected tooth. The skin may also become red or purple and a pus-filled blister can form on the gum.

Usually, a tooth abscess can be treated with a dentist or endodontist. This can be done by draining the infection and/or using a root canal treatment to remove any bacteria from inside the tooth that is causing the infection.

Lost Fillings

If you lose a filling, it’s important to get in to see your Emergency Dentist in Hialeah FL right away. This is because lost fillings can cause more serious problems, such as nerve damage, if they’re left untreated.

A filling is a special material your dentist uses to fill the hole made when they remove decay or repair a broken tooth. There are a number of different types of materials your dentist can use to fill your tooth.

When a filling falls out, it can cause significant pain and discomfort. It also leaves a hole in your tooth that exposes the nerve to the elements.

To help relieve the discomfort that can come with a lost filling, try chewing on the opposite side of your mouth. This will keep food particles from getting stuck in the hole and causing further pain and discomfort.

Broken Crowns or Restorations

If you have a broken crown or restoration, it is important to call your emergency dentist right away. This will allow them to assess the situation and give you an accurate diagnosis as well as instructions about what they should do next.

If it is only chipped, they may be able to use a technique called bonding which involves applying tooth color-matched composite resin, which will be shaped to repair the damage, then dried under a UV light.

However, if the damaged crown is completely cracked or shattered, then it will need to be replaced. In these cases, you might consider a dental implant.

A dental crown protects a tooth from further damage, bacteria and anything that might cause pain. It also improves the appearance of a tooth. Depending on the material used, crowns can last for decades, but they do break sometimes. This can lead to a lot of discomfort and a poor appearance for your smile.

Tooth Pain

Getting a sharp or throbbing pain in one of your teeth can be a serious dental emergency. This type of pain is not normal and you should go to an Emergency Dentist in Hialeah FL for treatment right away.

Tooth pain can be caused by many different things including a cracked tooth, decay, an abscess or gum disease. It can be very painful and it may even affect your ability to eat, sleep or think.

Depending on the cause of your tooth pain, there are several treatments that can be used to relieve it. A cold compress wrapped in a towel, for example, can help reduce swelling and ease the pain. You can also try using a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water to rinse your mouth or apply vanilla extract, peppermint oil or apple cider vinegar on the affected area.

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