How to Measure the Success of a Pay-Per-Call Advertising Company

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Pay-per-call campaigns are a great way to generate qualified leads. They are much more effective than digital ads and posts. Callers who dial a number are either ready to buy or need a little more information before making a decision.

Invoca’s AI call tracking, analytics and attribution capabilities help you manage your pay-per-call program with ease. It helps you identify what’s working, what’s not and how to improve it.


The cost-per-call is a vital metric for businesses that rely on phone calls to drive sales. It provides an indication of the overall health of your customer service operation, and it can highlight issues that require attention. A high cost-per-call may indicate that you are spending too much, while a low cost-per-call suggests that your business is efficient and delivering value to customers.

The pay per call advertising company is a performance marketing company that focuses on promoting call-to-action offers. Their platform uses in-house call tracking technology to monitor and optimize call performance. They work with affiliates who generate inbound calls via paid search, social media, and display advertising. They are a great option for advertisers who want to improve their conversion rates and average order values.

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Cost-per-lead is one of the most important marketing metrics that can help you gauge how effective your company’s ad campaigns are in terms of generating new leads. This metric is the lifeblood of sales, so it’s crucial for both marketing and sales departments to have a good understanding of how much they are spending on each new customer.

CPL is an online advertising pricing model that enables advertisers to pay for an explicit sign-up from a potential consumer interested in their offer. This is unlike the more common CPM and CPC pricing models, where you are charged for impressions or clicks.

CallX is an affiliate network that specializes in lead generation for household services and debt consolidation. Their platform combines call tracking and analytics with AI-powered lead-to-call automation, and a contact center solution that’s designed specifically for conversation acquisition. They also work with hundreds of call centers and have an Open Exchange where affiliates can find offers ranging from payday loans to legal services, online education and mortgages.


Pay-per-call is a performance marketing strategy that allows advertisers to speak with qualified leads in real time. It offers a more human and personal experience than digital ads. It also increases the likelihood of closing a sale. Compared to digital advertising, it is also easier to track and measure the success of a campaign.

eLocal is a pay-per-call network that offers high payouts and top affiliate programs. They primarily focus on the US market and offer home services, debt removal, legal and financial services. They have strict regulations for their advertisers and are able to provide quality traffic.

Managing call tracking, analytics and attribution requires a lot of data. Newly established campaigns will have some growing pains until enough data is collected to understand what’s working and what needs improving. Using an AI-powered telephony solution, like Invoca, will help you collect and analyze this data to make smarter decisions for your business. This will ultimately lead to better results for your pay-per-call campaign.


A call-based strategy is a great option for advertisers who need to capture consumer purchase intent in a way that traditional digital advertising cannot. This method can help marketers get the most out of their ad budgets by optimizing campaigns in real-time to maximize performance.

One of the fastest-growing performance marketing networks, ReviMedia focuses on pay-per-call. They provide affiliates with high-quality inbound calls and attractive payouts, as well as exceptional account management. They also offer a wide variety of offers from multiple industries, including home services, debt services, and auto insurance.

GoojiBear is another top performance marketing network that specializes in pay-per-call advertising. They have a huge variety of offers from different industries, and their payouts are among the highest in the industry. They also have an impressive support team that is always ready to assist publishers. They are also able to provide custom creative and specialized landing pages for each offer, ensuring that every caller has an optimal customer experience.